Our facility typically has an occupancy limit of 480 adults and children.  We are currently limiting capacity to 50 adults and children.  This lower capacity will allow for social distancing among our patrons.  While you may walk-in without a reservation, if we are at capacity, you will be turned away. It is highly advised that all guests purchase their 2.5 hours Open Play session ahead of time to guarantee admission.  We also encourage all guests to fill out our new waiver prior to their visit.


Ball Factory 2.5 hr timed open play session will allow for more kids to enjoy our attraction.  It will also allow for sanitization procedures to take place between the sessions. We use an electrostatic sprayer to sanitize the entire play area. Touchless systems are proven to be 3xmore effective than wiping. 


Children 2 and under do not have to wear a mask at Ball Factory (child is 2 until its 3rd birthday). Everyone 3 and older must wear a mask at all times  Appropriate mask-wearing must be maintained.  For the safety of all and the comfort of those around you, we are not accepting any medical or otherwise exceptions to this policy.  If you are not able to wear a mask, please plan to visit us when restrictions are lifted.  This policy covers all Open Play, Private Play, Birthday Parties, and Private Birthday Parties at Ball Factory.


Besides new safety guidelines, we have added a number of new digital services. Online waivers, Open Play Reservations, Online party booking, Mobile Food Ordering (coming soon), Touchless checkouts, and more.


We’ve upgraded our filters in the air conditioning/ heating system and contracted a strictier replacement schedule. We have also added an additional HVAC unit at our Naperville location. (Mount Prospect already has two new units). Per the health department's, recommendation HVAC dumpers are set for more fresh airflow allowance. 

During the closure, we invested heavily in updating our facilities. In Naperville, we installed a second rooftop HVAC unit, reupholstered parts of our play structure, remodeled check-in and café counters for improved social distancing, replaced carpets, repainted and upgraded the ball blasting arena. We added canon and a floating table in the ball-blasting arena.  Pedal tractor area has pretended play police station.  In the toddler area, we installed a new climbing wall and replaced soft floors. Mt. Prospect has upgraded air filters, remodeled check-in for improved social distancing, added crowd control posts, and gates, both locations have additional hand sanitizer stations, signage, plexiglass shields, new electrostatic sanitization equipment. Additional remodeling, painting, resurfacing are still in progress.

EVERYDAY CLEANING and SAFETY CHECK.  Our staff is wiping heavily touch areas during the sessions. We close for 30 minutes between sessions to sanitize everything. We use revolutionary electrostatic spray equipment to sanitize even the hard-to-reach areas.  On a daily basis after we have closed our doors to the public for the day, our staff clean and sanitize every surface in the play area including all seating, balls, blocks, and our large play structure. We then vacuum all carpets and mop all the floors.  Before we open to the public the following day we do a  safety check of the play structure.


When you check-in at the counter, staff are visually observing both adults and children.  If signs of illness are present staff may request that you or your child’s temperature be taken.  If you or your child are ill, please stay home and come visit us another time. No guest with body temperature of 100F or higher will be allowed in.



Ball Factory has a wellness screening program for our team members according to best practices posted on the DCEO website.

We conduct in-person screening of employees upon entry into the workplace to verify no presence of COVID-19 symptoms as well as mid-shift screening as recommended by DCEO.


Our Play Area is designed for kids to enjoy multiple play styles. However, during this time, we removed all smaller balls that may not be practical to sanitize quickly. This includes the toddler ball pit and big kids ball pit. We have added large balls in the areas. Ball blasting balls and big blocks, as well as all other equipment, is sanitized with the use of an electrostatic sprayer that is able to reach all around them and ensure even application and increased coverage.


We are doing everything we can think of to make Ball Factory a place where you and your family can enjoy the active fun you’ve come to expect. If you have any concerns, ideas, or suggestions, please contact us to send them directly to our owners for consideration.


For the time being, Open Play hours will be 2.5 HRS with 30 minutes in between for cleaning and sanitation. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday session starts at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM Fridays 9:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 3:30 PM Saturday and Sunday 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM. 

Monday, Tuesdays, Thursdays we will additionally open at 3:30 PM for scheduled private parties and private play sessions.