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Few Words About Ball Factory


Indoor Playground, where kids and parents can play together and fun is endless for all. It is safe, clean, inviting, accessible and affordable location to have a day out with your little ones, or to host your child’s birthday party. The family-friendly play area features adults accessible 4 level play structure with slides and obstacles, ball pit, ball blasting arena, interactive floor, kids tractor area and Imagination Playground – Soft big blue blocks play system.


Parent & Tot gated area is our favorite for parents with kids under 42".


So play and create those wonderful experiences and moments that remain long after their visit.

Play with them, or sit back, relax and keep an eye on them … our open-concept playground is perfect for that.

Ball Factory is a great space for children while at the same time, offering moms and dads the opportunity to have some personal time. You can sit back on comfy sofas, watch children play, watch TV, work using our FREE WI-FI or have a nice meal with a cup of coffee in our Ball Factory Cafe.


What can you find indoors?


Imagination Playground

Learn through Play with Big Blue Soft Blocks – an incredible play system for unlocking children’s creative spirit.


Parent & Tot Area

Gated toddler area for children under 42" to play with their parents. Full of padded, multicolor cushion shapes, balls, tot-sized play structure and XL SOFT LEGO BLOCKS.



 Tot-Sized Play Structure

Located inside of our Parent & Tot area tot-sized play structure is separated from the big kids. Let them be independent and climb up to slide down from our mini-slide. 


 XL Soft LEGO Blocks

Located inside of our Parent & Tot area for Lil'ones and their parents to build and explore.

The award-winning LEGO® Soft Brick Set encourages children to explore shape and color as they develop gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Children will use positional language to work together building child-sized figures, walls, towers, and obstacle courses and then retell stories using their creations! 


Pedal Tractor Area

A great fleet of vehicles is waiting for you. All of them are tractors- fire trucks, farm tractors, kiddie tractors, loaders, trailers.


Pretend Play Activities

Who didn't wanted to fuel up his vehicle at the age of 3? Now, they can! Just ride up... fuel up at our BF GAS STATION and keep on going around.



Ball Blasting Arena

Launch colorful softballs through an air-propelled cannon and attempt to pass-through opponents. Play 1-on-1 or in teams and have a ball-blasting great time. Fun for entire family…


Interactive Play Floor

Active, social play. Play by jumping into motion reactive games. The best part? They keep on moving to play.


Obstacles & Mazes

You’ve never seen this before, a multi-story playground full of obstacles and experiences that including super slides, steps and mazes, big ball area, ball look-out, and much more…


Big Ball Pit

Your child will have a ball playing with other children in our ball pit. They can dive in, play or lay down in dozens of our blue balls. 




We offer more than play ..

We created an indoor experience where you can feel like home. 

Birthday Parties

We host THE best parties in town 7 days a week.

Lunch Menu

Perfectly grilled – made-to-order sandwiches, veggie salads, kids-oriented fruit salads, grilled cheese, paninis, as well as light snacks.



Enjoy our coffee and snacks and use our FREE WiFi. Our menu includes a full LAVAZZA espresso bar, iced coffees, freshly made smoothies, frappe, fresh gelato( Italian ice cream).

We also have a full cold beverage fridge or soda fountain for you to cool off after a hard day of play!



Inflate your own ball at Ball Factory, buy an emoji ball or bouncer ball. Take it home and it will bring back great memories of awesome family times.


We host Birthday Parties
Every Day of the Week!


Whether you’re celebrating with a few close friends or the whole class is invited,

Ball Factory will make that special event entertaining and fun (and easy for mom and dad!).

Relax and enjoy as we make your Ball Factory party the best and easiest ever!



Want to get more information about Ball Factory or would like to see it inside, feel free to schedule a tour.


Come visit us today!

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