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Indoor Playground, where kids and parents can play together and fun is endless for all. It is a safe, clean, inviting, accessible, and affordable location to have a day out with your little ones, or to host your child’s birthday party. The family-friendly play area features adults accessible 4 level play structure with slides and obstacles, ball pit, ball blasting arena, interactive floor, kids tractor area and Imagination Playground – Soft big blue blocks play system.


Parent & Tot gated area is our favorite for parents with kids under 42".


Play and create those wonderful experiences and moments that remain long after their visit.

Play with them, or sit back, relax and keep an eye on them … our open-concept playground is perfect for that.

Ball Factory is a great space for children while at the same time, offering moms and dads the opportunity to have some personal time. You can sit back on comfy sofas, watch children play, watch TV, work using our FREE WI-FI or have a nice meal with a cup of coffee in our Ball Factory Cafe.

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